Kruse and Muer Bread

Kruse and Muer Bread

Warm Kruse and Muer Bread

So one of my favorite things about Rochester was eating at Kruse and Muer downtown.  The bread alone sends you to a magical wonderland of bliss.  I have been eating this bread since I was little and used to grab a loaf for lunch during high school.  When Jason and I started hanging out, we would grab loaves and dip them in some marinara and scarf them down on our way to a bar.

Well, before we went home earlier in the month, I was craving Kruse and Muer, so thank goodness for Grandpa Miller making an accidental reservation for the family dinner there!  It was fantastic.  I know we have great restaurants in Chicago but this place was so good and I can’t find anything similar to it out here.

After digging around on the internet I discovered that Chuck Muer had two cookbooks published in the early 90’s so I of course found copies and ordered them from Amazon.  When I opened them up, the house bread was right in front of my face.

Yesterday, my love had to go to work so I played happy housewife and got all the chores done and surprised him with some homemade bread.

The recipe is very easy to throw together, bread flour, yeast, salt, sugar, olive oil, a little more salt, and poppy seeds.

  • To start, I dissolved a pack of active dry yeast into 1 1/2 cups water around 110 degrees.  Then I added 1T sugar, 2 T olive oil, and 1T salt to the liquid and mixed.  Then I started mixing four cups of bread flour into it on low speed in the kitchen aid.  After everything was combined, I kneaded the dough for three minutes and then placed the dough into a lightly oiled bowl and covered it.  The dough worked it’s magic for about a half hour.  I unwrapped it and rolled it into four loaves.
  • I then rolled the loaves into a mixture of poppy seeds and kosher salt.  (2T poppy seeds to 1/4c salt- I would use less salt next time, but that is just me).
  • I went on and made the olive oil marinade (blend some garlic, 1 c olive oil, 2T each of oregano and basil, super easy and works great on chicken and veg).
  • Then I brushed each loaf with oil blessing and wrapped the tray of bread in plastic wrap and it napped for a half hour.
  • Bingo, time for the oven, 450 for 10 minutes and then drop the oven to 400 and let the bread go for another 10 or until golden.



8 thoughts on “Kruse and Muer Bread

  1. Hello – I saw your review about Kruse and Meur’s bread – out of this world bread at their resturant. The Rochester Chop house owned by them gives a free appetizer of cannellini beans and other items. It is fantastic but I didn’t know if you could figure out the recipe.


  2. omg i love you for this. it makes me want to cry it’s SOOOO good! i worked at k and m meadowbrook in the early nineties and ate SO MUCH bread!

    • I also worked at K&M Meadowbrook in the early nineties! I had such a blast working there and I am so glad I picked up the cookbook years ago. I have been enjoying K&M recipes for years. Provencal sauce is a staple in my house.

  3. We recently bought a house in downtown Rochester and had the bread at Kruse and Muer’s for the first time and I fell in love! I knew that I had to figure this recipe out no matter how many failed attempts…you just made my life so much easier…thank you! Thank you!

  4. you are amazing for posting this. I worked at K&M throughout high school and some of college. To this day, I can’t find a place that beats their food…and their BREAD. omg. i totally ordered the first cookbook as soon as I read your post…the second one was more expensive- so hope i’m not missing out. thanks for the amazing post!

    • I also love the bread. Right now I’m longing for the chicken primavera with couscous,saffron, and more vegies than I can list. Is there any chance of getting that recipe?

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